Have you tried these seven types of kisses

 New Delhi, 05-Jan-2016 23:01:54 IST

If you think kissing is either about giving a light peck on the cheek or indulging in a passionate lip-lock that involves vigorous tongue play, you know very little about it. In fact there are several types of kisses that involve different degrees of passion. Have a look at some of them.


Eskimo Kiss: It is one of the cutest kisses, on the nose mostly by parents to their little ones.


French Kiss: It is one of the most passionate kisses. It progresses by biting the lips and then moves to a sexy tongue play.


Earlobe Kiss: It is one of the most romantic kisses, that involves sucking and lightly biting the earlobes. When you use the tongue while doing so, it gets hot and passionate.


Butterfly Kiss: It refers to the kiss that involves touching of eyelashes on bare skin. Just before kissing the lips, blink very fast so that eyelashes flatter very fast just like the butterfly wings. 


The Peck: The peck is a short tight lipped kiss on the lips or cheeks. It is used as an expression of friendship. A peck can also spark romance between two people.