6 ideas to add spice to your sex life

 New Delhi, 03-Jan-2016 17:37:18 IST

Are you upset by the absence of excitement in your sex life? Do you want to try something new but are not sure as how to go about it? Has sex become a drag for you? Do not despair. Here are some tested and tried ideas that will perk up your sex life.


Relax before you begin: Unwinding and relaxing before sex is important to enjoy the act. A light chit chat over wine is a good idea before having sex.


Let her be the boss: Most women love to take charge when it comes to sex. So let her climb over you and make the moves.


Practice solo: Discover your own excitement points while practicing it alone. When you know your sensitive points, you can direct your partner there during the act.


Use liquids: Bring chocolate sauce and honey to your bedroom. Dribble them on any part you want your partner to pay attention to, and then play around.


Choose your spot:  Bedroom is not always exciting. Try it in the garden or terrace. Just ensure  that no one is watching!


Mirror it:  Having sex in front of the mirror has been declared by researchers to double up the excitement level. So trying it in the dressing room can be really wonderful.