Fresh Air Imported From Canada to China

 Beijing, 17-Dec-2015 08:32:04 IST

According to latest reports, Canadian company Vitality Air exported fresh air to China as the chinese citizens are worried about the soar in the level of pollutants in their nation.

Co-founder of the company told that the clean air has been derived from the uninhabited areas in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. He added that it took just four days to sell the first shipment of 500 bottles of fresh air. The company has shipped 4,000 bottles to China, out of which most of them has been sold.

To explain the procedure of making the fresh air, the Vitality Air website explained that after the fresh air is collected from the  Rocky Mountains of Canada, it is compressed into cans and then sealed. The fresh air is bottled into aluminium cans.

The bottles are currently affordable to only people living in big cities or with high-income as one bottle costs 100 Yuan or approximately Rs. 1,000 in India. The bottles are also being sold across North America, India, and the Middle East as well.