Kejriwal should apologise for calling PM a coward: BJP

 New Delhi, 15-Dec-2015 18:34:42 IST

The BJP on Tuesday reacted strongly to Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a "coward", asking the Aam Aadmi Party leader to apologize for the statement.

"Arvind Kejriwal should apologize to the Prime Minister for using words like 'coward'. It is totally uncalled for, unwarranted and shameful," Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said as a number of BJP leaders slammed the remarks.

Prasad also hit back at the Delhi CM for not paying due diligence while appointing his principal secretary.

"Allegations against Rajendra Kumar are very serious. Should we presume that you did not undertake any due diligence while appointing your secretary," Prasad said.

"Unfortunately, a textbook case of corruption is being given political colour," he said.

Prasad said that the CBI has verified charges of corruption against Rajendra Kumar and filed an FIR.

The CBI raid was done after a search warrant was issued by the competent court, he said.

"According to law, there is no need for the CBI to seek permission before carrying out raid," he added.

Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar termed Kejriwal's reaction as "atrocious" and accused the latter of "protecting" corrupt and engaging in "worst kind of politics" by targeting Modi for the same.

"Arvind Kejriwal's reaction on the CBI raid is atrocious. CBI raids only when they receive a credible complaint and they want to investigate the corruption matter. Kejriwal is protecting corruption.

"And instead of immediately taking action against his officials, he is accusing the Prime Minister. This is worst kind of politics," he added.

He maintained it was "hypocrisy of politics" that Kejriwal's party came into existence on the plank of anti-graft movement but is supporting corruption now - an apparent reference to AAP's angry reaction to CBI's raid at Delhi principal secretary Rajendra Kumar's office.

"When CBI is acting against corruption, he is accusing PM of corruption. This is absolutely unacceptable. He (Kejriwal) is exposed through and he is protecting corruption," Javadekar said.

Kejriwal on Tuesday claimed the CBI has raided his office in central Delhi and launched a no-holds barred attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he was resorting to "cowardice".

The chief minister, who is involved in a prolonged tussle with the Centre, accused the Modi government of resorting to vendetta politics.

 BJP's Delhi MP Meenakshi Lekhi defended the CBI saying it does not take action without "substantial" evidences.

"If CBI raids, it does so with substantial evidence. One of their officer is already trapped on similar charges of corruption. So, it is not the PM asking anyone to engage in corruption, they only are resorting to such (corrupt) practice," party MP Meenakshi Lekhi said.